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Family Law Services

Family Law Services

Our team of experienced lawyers will help you through all phases of the divorce and separation process, assuring that the important issues related to children, property, support, and insurance and are resolved quickly, amicably, and compassionately.

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Services

Falling behind financially is stressful for any person or family. Sometimes circumstances make it impossible for hard-working people to get ahead leading to harassing phone calls from creditors, car repossessions, garnishment of wages, home foreclosures, and even lawsuits. The law offers hope for future financial stability.

Debt Relief

Debt Relief

Bankruptcy may not always be the best solution for individuals or businesses that are dealing with unmanageable debt. For some of our clients the best approach is to negotiate a reasonable payment plan with a creditor or reaching settlement for with the creditor for less than the full amount owed.

Divorce Lawyers - Monmouth County

Divorce is a very personal and often difficult process. Our divorce attorneys work hard to understand the interests, needs, concerns and goals of our Monmouth County clients. They believe that the better they can get to know your situation, the better they can help you through your divorce. Our divorce attorneys will encourage you to consider peaceful methods for resolving your divorce.

Processes for Resolving Divorce Issues

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Bankruptcy Law Services

Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are struggling with crushing debt, your house is in foreclosure, or your business is failing, our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys can help. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation with the objective of permanent effective financial relief. We will consider a range of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options to determine what legal course of action is right for you.

Family Law Attorneys

Dealing with family law matters can be emotionally challenging and is often the most challenging process in a person’s life. Facing the uncertainty of your changing financial future, and your future role as a parent can be very difficult. However, constructive transitions through family law proceedings, can significantly improve your life going forward. And can help your children to become emotionally healthy, successful adults.

The experienced attorneys at Atkinson DeBartolo are skilled at working with clients on family law cases. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney in the areas of divorce, child custody and family law, please contact us at our law firm.

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Debt Relief

The filing of a bankruptcy case, whether under a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11, can often provide substantial debt relief to an individual or a business. Depending on the type of debt that exists, the filing of a bankruptcy may result in the discharge of all or part of the existing debt. There are different types of debts and the most common are categorized in bankruptcy as unsecured, secured and priority. The type of debt an individual or a business has will determine its treatment under the bankruptcy laws. The extent of the debt relief provided by a bankruptcy filing can only be determined after a thorough analysis of the financial circumstances of the individual or business.

Under certain circumstances, bankruptcy is not the solution. However, there may still be options for an individual or business with unmanageable debt. Some of the options include negotiating a reasonable payment plan with a creditor or reaching settlement for less than the full amount owed to the creditor.
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